Commodities market has emerged as an important asset class. Rising above its nascent stage, the commodities market is growing by leaps and bounds. The startup was set up in September 2001 when Indian futures industry was gearing up for vertical growth. Availability of cutting edge market intelligence and risk management was need of the hour and we, at Paradigm betted to fill the vacuum for quality commodity knowledge. As industry grows, we have also seen exponential growth. Here at Paradigm Commodities, we worship knowledge in its purest form. We have state of the art knowledgeware which provides impetus to our analytic and risk management services. Paradigm commodities is a small foundation rooting for in-depth research rather than leveraging. In a serene and ethical environment we work for the better understanding of the genesis of markets and unraveling the underlying collective wisdom that drives the market forces.

BirenVakil: Global Knowledge Arbitrage at Work

BirenVakil, a business journalist turned futures market practitioner is founder and CEO of Paradigm Commodity Advisors Private Ltd. He is a veteran in trading and risk management in the Indian commodity markets. He has mastered every nook and cranny of the Indian and western commodities markets from futures to complex option combinations. He is associated with key exchanges, intermediaries and large broking houses and business media. He has worked as a consultant for The Multi Commodity Exchange of India, The National Multi Commodity Exchange- NMCE during their initial commissioning. He regularly appears in popular electronic media such as CNBC, Times Now, Zee Business, Zee Gujarati, E TV, VTV. He has also appeared as Gold analyst at the international news channel Al-Jazeera. He is a columnist with a largest selling Gujarati daily DivyaBhaskar, Commodity World, PhoolChaab, Gujarat Guardian.

Identifying mispriced assets and capturing the discrepancies in the markets is his core competence. Due to the ability of prophesying events with the third eye, he has been successful with the event driven strategy. He uses technical, market intelligence and news analysis in his investment and trading strategies. He has an extensive network with traders, business media, market intermediaries, importers, exporters. He has been approached by policy makers for his guidance and insights.

Our Team

At Paradigm Commodities, we strive for an environment of congeniality. We believe that unanimous and collective efforts result in an enriching experience for everyone.

Saumil Gandhi

Mr. Saumil is an Agri and metal market analyst along with being a Swing trade analyst. He puts on the table sharp trading perspicacity and quick judgment. He did his Commerce Graduation from Gujarat University. He has eight years of experience drawn on him. He is also experienced in the field of technical analysis.

Valay Shah

Mr. Valay Shah is a derivatives analyst. He provides his expertise and insights into the research that goes with many investments and trades. He has done his MBA from AmrutMody School of Management. He appeared for the CFA level 3 exam in June 2017. He has been associated with the markets for over 10 years now.

Neela Pattani

Ms.NeelaPattani is the oldest member associated with us since the inception of Paradigm Commodities. She is our database co-ordinator.

Prakash Mehta

A commodity trader, crop forecaster and business vastu expert. A dynamic member of Ahmedabad commodity exchange has many facets, a skilled crop forecaster, expert astrologer and visionary vastu scientist. He conducts crop surveys, having strong acumen for commodity specific fundamentals and specialization in agri commodities. He is advisor to us.

Amee Vakil

AmeeVakil is the youngest member here and a research analyst, providing her thoughts on the macroeconomic and quantitative aspects of our fundamental research. She graduated from St. Xaviers’ College with a Bachelors in Economics in 2015. She has cleared the CFA Level 2 exam.

Wilson Chauhan

Wilson Chauhan is the oldest member associated with us. He manages the accounts and finances of the firm